Install our Trade Copier software onto
your MT4 platform.



Leave your MT4 running at all times 24 hours a day and 5 days a week. Use VPS server if needed.

No worries if you can’t, we can help you with this.

  • Your account will exactly copy our trade entry and exit.
  • All trades are automatically opened and closed in your MT4 platform
  • You will receive an email notification whenever a trade opens or closes.
  • You can control your lot size and leverage.
  • You can use our service with any broker, as long as you use the MT4 platform is provided for free by most forex brokers. If you don’t have a forex broker, contact us and we can help you.
  • The minimum balance needs to be at least €5000 in your trading account
  • Our Trade Copier software is not compatible with any other EA. It is important that the MT4 account that you choose to use with our Trade Copier does not run any other EA’s to avoid conflicts.
  • A VPS is a virtual private server that allows you to keep your MT4 platform running 24/7. You can use your own VPS if you have one, and if not we can help you with that.